recommanded tools

Recommended Tools:

There are many types of tools that can make work easier and save your money and time. That’s why Tips long recommends some best marketing tools here.

Domain Research Tools

Instant Domain Researchi. Domain name generator
ii. Business name generator
iii. Expired domain
iv. Domain for sale
Domain Typeri. Secure search
ii. Over 1700 extension
iii. Brand name checker
Namelixi. Brand Name generator
ii. Instant domain research
iii. Short name generator

Content Marketing Tools

SEMRushi. Content creation and distribution
ii. Content optimization
iii. Content marketing analytics
Grammerlyi. Grammarly for browser
ii. Grammarly for MS Office
iii. Get simplified writing
GetResponsei. Content with e-mail marketing
ii. Conversion funnel
iii. Marketing automation

Duplicate Content Checker Tool

Copyscapei. Check up to 10,000 pages
ii. Copy-paste originality check
iii. Team management tools
Duplicheckeri. Make Inspection Easier
ii. Figure Out The Difference
iii. Check ant kinds of files
Plagiumi. Free Quick Search
ii. Easy to file upload
iii. Google drive integration

Image Editing Tools

Canvai. Background remove
ii. Logo Design
iii. Video Editing
Stencili. Designed for speed
ii. Simple to use
iii. Premium Support
Snappai. One click background remove
ii. Pre-made design template
iii. Perfect image dimension

Social Media Management Tool

Publeri. Unlimited social media management
ii. Unlimited scheduling & drafts
ii. Hashtag suggestions
Hootsuitei. Custom social network management
ii. Unlimited scheduling
iii. Up to 10 user
Contentcali. Custom Social Profiles
ii. Easy to use
iii. Top-rated customer support

Keyword Research Tool

Google Keyword Planneri. Worldwide keyword research
ii. Keyword Suggestion
iii. Research many keywords together
Ubersuggesti. Location-based keyword research
ii. Relevant keyword idea
iii. Premium features
Answer The Publici. Best LSI keyword generator
ii. Find question keyword
iii. Easy to download