Best 11 tips for how to rank Fiverr Gig

how to rank fiverr gig

If you are a new Fiverr seller, it’s necessary to rank your gig. That’s why it can be visible on the first page. If you are capable to rank your gig, you will sell you’re your gig more. So how may you rank your gig and earn more from it? Today I will tell you 11 tips for how to rank Fiverr gig.

How to rank Fiverr gig:

#Tips 1: If you want to rank your Fiverr gig, it’s necessary to choose a keyword what have high search volume but low competition. That’s why you can rank your gig easily. So, choose an effective title and put your keyword on that title. It’s easy to choose a longtail keyword for your gig because a long-tail keyword has high search volume but low competition. But If you choose the short tail keyword it’s difficult for ranking your Fiverr gig.

#Tips 2: After putting a suitable keyword in your gig title, it’s necessary to choose a category and a sub-category for your gig. It is an essential part of providing your service. If you choose the wrong category and sub-category, you don’t provide your service properly in your gig. So choose the right category and sub-category for ranking your gig.

#Tips 3: Choose a service type to ensure in their search results and gey the right pricing features for your Gig. If you choose this wrong you can’t found your pricing data properly. That’s why buyers can’t understand your gig and this may put a bad effect on ranking your gig and selling your gig. So it’s necessary to choose a well-connected service type with your gig title or keyword for ranking your Fiverr gig.

#Type 4: By defining our gig properly you should well set-up your Gig metadata. It will be easier for buyers to find and buy your gig. That’s why you should well optimize your gig-metadata like selecting your industries you focus on and language type.

#Tips 5: It is one of the most essential parts of ranking your gig. Choice 5 right search tag and use them in the tag box one after another. It must be connected with the service you want to provide. Especially its must well0 connected with your gig title and keyword. This tag means one type of short keyword how may your gig can rank well and easily visible on the first page when buyer search by this tag.

#Tips 6: After finishing the pricing, Description, Requirements task you will come to the gallery page. On this page, you found the gig videos option. Fiverr says videos can increase user engagement by 40%. So make an effective and eye-catching video for getting effecting results for your gig. It may rank your Fiverr gig by user experience.

#Tips 7: Then you found gig photo. You can use 3 photos in jpeg,jpg and png format and they are at least 550px width  370px height. But for seeing the full photo I recommend you use 680px width  383px height. And always use your keyword in the name section of every photo.

#Tips 8: You can upload a pdf file also. Fiverr says, the quality of the content in your PDFs will influence potential customers. If you get that potential customer your gig will automatically rank higher.

#Tips 9: After publishing your Fiverr gig, you need to edit your gig again for setting your gig SEO title. It is the most important task for ranking your gig. It is the most important on-page SEO factor to address on any web page. It can help your gig page rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs). You can use a maximum of 5 characters for this title.

Important step how to rank Fiverr gig:

#Tips 10: After creating your Fiverr gig try to send a buyer request. Every day you can send a maximum of 10 buyer requests. You can see buyer request from more options. Try to send them impressive content about your service as they can be interested in your gig.

#Tips 11: And the last tips for ranking your Fiverr gig is social share. Share your Fiverr gig on important social media as it can increase your gig impression. Gig impression is an important factor for ranking your Fiverr gig well. It is called Fiverr gig marketing or Fiverr gig promotion.

So, those are the 11 tips from Tipslong for how to rank Fiverr gig. Now, I hope you understand how to rank your Fiverr gig well.

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