how to make money online

How to make money online, a step-by-step guide for you

In the first place let me tell you how to make money online from home not only a question but also a dream. But a reality to many people. On the other hand, it’s a nightmare for so many others who don’t follow a system or a blueprint.
I can enjoy my family and travel to any place at any time of the year. I am not anybody’s slave. I am FREE.

You too can achieve that IF:

  • You follow the right steps
  • You are consistent
  • You take this business very seriously

I have several products online, across different industries and in several languages. Yet, I didn’t come to this point by pressing a magic button.Grammerly

How to make money online, step-by-step guide from Tipslong

If you want to create a sustainable business inline, then you need to follow the steps below:



STEP 1: It all starts with market research.

If you find the right audience who desperately wants something, sales come easy. Notice I said ‘WANTS’, not “NEEDS”. Think about the best selling products in the world…

You don’t buy a Mercedes or a Ferrari because you need it, but because you WANT it. Same thing with an iPhone, or a First Class ticket to fly to the Bahamas.

Remember: people buy with their heart and justify the reason. One of the very profitable niches I am in is the ‘lose weight niche’. My audience NEEDS to be in shape… and WANTS to look pretty!

To find what people WANT, and you’ll get a raving audience with a credit card in hand ready to buy from you… Instantly. Don’t be afraid of competition: the more affiliates and other product owners out there, the more money you make- because you will have side products to promote, and other people ready to mail your stuff.



STEP 2: Attracting subscribers to your list.

You probably may have heard that ‘money is in the list’. Truth is, it’s almost certain if you have the RIGHT list. If you are getting the right people that have manifested their desires about a specific problem they have- then, it’s very simple to offer them a sample of what you can deliver.

The way to do it is by creating a squeeze page (a lead capture page), asking for your audience data to send them a free report, audio, video, etc. of their interest. The less data you ask for, the more people are going to be willing to become your subscriber or lead. I always ask for the e-mail. That’s it. If I can get your email, I can keep sending valuable advice, and recommend products… Making money in the process.

You don’t even have to ask for the name. An email is enough. Another key point is the free gift: it should be something that tells people WHAT to do to solve their problem… but not HOW. The how-to-do is the real solution they will get by buying from you or other people who you recommend. Some of the key elements of the free gift also should be the problem: if you explain where the real issue is, sales will come easier: it’s like a logical process since I explained the problem to you (the ‘what’), here’s the solution (the product, the ‘how-to-do’).Grammerly

STEP 3: Establishing a relationship with your subscribers

As I said, the money is not specified in the list, but in the relationship, you have with your list. Your subscribers should feel part of a special tribe, a family. If you convert your list into a special place where they not only find valuable advice, but also feel motivated, and part of a growing community, selling won’t be a hard task. Actually, I never sell to my list. All of the products I promote come with a recommendation. Jay Abraham calls it “The Strategy of Preeminence”: if you act in the best interests of your community, it will reward you with unlimited trust, respect, and also better sales.

There are two kinds of people: the ones who only think about money and how to make a buck on other people’s suffering, and others like myself, who believe delivering more value than asking in exchange will make a difference in the world. From an economical point of view, delivering advice thinking in the main benefit of your tribe always pays more dividends in the long run.


STEP 4: Unleashing a life-style business machine

If you follow the previous steps, after some tweaking you will be reaching a very interesting position: Walk with me while you picture this: every new subscriber you get brings in a certain amount of money because every new lead will eventually buy some of the products you promote.

So by knowing that number, you’ll be able to create a self-funding-business. Here’s how it work: no money comes out of the pocket, because every new subscriber brings in more money allowing attract new leads on autopilot to your system. The good thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about anything else than your relationship with your leads (something you should be doing from the beginning)

Remember, success and failure is a choice… You can choose FREEDOM if you follow the right system.